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How To Detox Your Life

Learn how to Detox your life physically, chemically, and emotionally for a happier, healthier life.



Why is this important? The world is full of toxins and toxic beliefs. Medication usage is at an all time high, life expectancy is lower, the likelihood of having chronic illness is more common than not. Can we avoid this fate? And if so, how?

What You Will Learn

In this 30 minute webinar, we will dive into the main 5 causes of dis-ease within the body and how we are exposed to these things in order to learn how to avoid them.


We will also dive into the physical, chemical and emotional triangle of health and why it is important to address all three areas within your life in order to find optimal health and tips on how to remove the 5 causes of dis-ease.

My Story

My health story started as a sophomore in high school while working at a nursing home. While working there, it blew my mind to see how most of the people living there weren’t actually living but essentially being kept alive by the multiple medications they were on. Some of the residents loved it there, but for the most part, the overall status was lonely and sad. It was then I realized I wanted to be a doctor but one that didn’t hand out medications. I wanted to help teach people to not need them in the first place. 

Fast forward, I completed a biology major with  an emphasis in Clinical Laboratory Science.
The fall following graduation, I started classes to complete my Doctor of Chiropractic degree. During this time, I also completed over 200 hours of continuing education all on acupuncture/oriental medicine, nutrition, muscle testing, and body tone. Since then, I have completed countless more hours of education and read numerous books to further my education on top of helping hundreds of patients in my private practice. 

Now, I have always known that I didn't handle medications well, but my health was never bad. I was active, focused, and happy. It wasn't until the first year of grad school that my personal health took a major dive, starting after my first miscarriage. I didn’t take the time to emotionally process the event - because I had just started grad school, I wasn't ready to be a mom yet, it was a blessing, right?  Wrong. That emotional trauma, plus the stress of school ended up reeking quite a bit of havoc on my body and mind. My face was full of small bumps and painful cystic acne. I was miserably constipated. I couldn’t sleep without taking  some type of aid and even then was up most nights for at least 2 hours and exhausted during the day. I was depressed and living in the past, trying to hold onto things that shouldn't have even mattered anymore. 

This lasted for over a year with constant changes in diet, trial and error of different protocols and doctors. I found a few things that helped make the issues less severe, but nothing made it better. Fast forward to now, I am a mom of 4 sweet, most of the time anyway, littles. Each of these 4 have brought a new learning experience into my life that I have been able to use in my healing journey and in practice. 

Elbie and Arden were both born into mold infested homes. It happened to be 2 different ones and we didn't know at the time that it was there. Due to this exposure, they ended up with a ton of food issues which resulted in major colic, eczema, constant diaper rash and extremely hard breast feeding journeys due to the food sensitivities. Ryan and I also suffered from food issues and other toxic overload symptoms like chronic fatigue and migraines due to the mold as well. During my pregnancy with Arden, I also learned how intertwined the energetic realm is with our physical realm and how it can affect us through trapped emotions, learned beliefs and negative energies. During Lenik's and Nahly's pregnancies, I learned more lessons in intuition and trusting myself and the plans laid out before me vs trying to force things.

How to Detox Your Life
Free Webinar

Learn how to Detox your life physically, chemically, and emotionally for a happier, healthier life.

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