Our Special Offer to You

Do you have:

Headaches or Migraines      Back Pain                     Carpal Tunnel

Poor Concentration              Poor Sleep                    Always Tired

Digestive Issues                     Colicky Baby                Pregnancy Pains

ADHD/Spectrum Child         Sensory Issues             Stress/Tension

Feel Better Now!


$67 for exam work, spinal scan, and report!

Each additional family member can be seen for $37

This is to show you the problem and the solution. You can then choose to do what you feel is best!

Our office is upstairs. Enter through the side doors.

To facilitate the body’s own healing potential by looking at the chemical, physical, and emotional side of health. We desire to educate and inspire our patients from infancy to elderly and work along with the community to help create a happier and more functional future.

~Thank you for allowing our family to serve your family. ~